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About Me…. May 28, 2009

Hi!  My name is Melody.  My 5-yr-old students call me Miss Melody, and my high school/college students call me Dr. Ouyang.  I have a piano studio in Frisco, TX, northern suburb of Dallas, and close to 15 years of teaching experiences, from beginners to college level, under my belt.

I hold a Bachelor degree from The Juilliard School, a Master Degree from Yale School of Music, and a Doctoral Degree from New England Conservatory of Music.  Received trainings in piano pedagogy and have studied widely on music education and pedagogic methods and theories.  Have performed around the world, and in major concert venues in the US, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center.  Attended and performed in major music festivals in the US and Europe, and have been featured in Classical radio stations around the US.

People ask me all the time why a person with such background would be so happy teaching “little kids” piano, instead of doing something “greater” or  more “glamorous,” such as performing or be a college professor of music.  The truth is, I believe that there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to help my students laid a solid foundation of technique and musicianship, and to instill the love for music in everyone of them.  I believe only a good musician with top university training understand what it takes to excel in music, and to be able to look beyond the everyday practices to truly love music.

Music Wonderland is my haven to communicate my thoughts and philosophies to thousands and millions of parents and students out there who are either loving or struggling with piano in their everyday lives.  I welcome comments and feedbacks.

Looking forward to meeting you all here at Music Wonderland.


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